Why Photobooks?

Let it be a get together with old pals or
a fun trip with family/friends or
a office party with colleagues or
simply a weekend spent with the ‘one’ or
park time with kids on busy evenings,
we all take pictures of these beautiful moments with intention of capturing them for eternity.

However, normally these photos live only as long as our phones and hence quickly vanish from our lives. We believe that living these moments makes us happy not only today but will also make us equally or more happy in future and hence these beautiful memories should be preserved for decades.

We set out with our minds set on solving this problem and are happy to present the Photobook!!!!

The idea is that you select 31 images taken from your phone or shared to you via whatsapp or facebook etc and we compile them as a hard cover photo book & ship them to you { for an all inclusive price Rs 599, yes that is less then two burgers 🙂 }

You are the author of your life’s story, so share with it in the best way possible way.